Event #1
As many reps as possible in 12 minutes:
20 Air Squats w/bumper plate (Men: 45lbs Women: 25lbs)
~ 20m Overhead Walking Lunges
20 Plyo Pushups (switch from one hand to the other on the plate for each rep)
~ 20m Sprint back to the start

Score is total number of reps completed. The 20m Walking Lunge and Sprint will each count for two reps. So, 1 complete round is a possible total of 44 reps.

Event #2
1RM Ground to Overhead in 3 minutes
Score is determined using Sinclair Total

1. 3 minutes clock starts on the Judges’ signal.
2. Competitors will load own weights.
3. NO CONTINENTAL CLEANS – Bar cannot touch between waist and nipple line.
4. NO ZERCHERS – Bar cannot touch between wrist and elbow.
5. Bar must stop at shoulders, even if momentarily.
6. Overhead from the shoulder anyhow, finish in control with straight elbows, straight knees, and feet inline. No baggy clothing.
7. Unsuccessful overhead lift can be lowered to shoulders and reattempted.
8. Athletes will weigh in immediately before their 3 minutes begins.

Event #3
21-15-9 Reps For Time:
Wall Ball (Men: 30lbs Slam Ball Women: 20lbs Slam Ball)
Deadlift (Men: 275lbs  Women: 185lbs)
10 minute time limit

Event #3b
Immediately upon finishing Event #3a:
2 minutes – Max Reps of Toes to Bar

Event #4 (Finals)
Buy In: 100 Double Unders
For Time:
90 Thrusters (Men: 95lbs  Women: 65lbs)
90 Pullups
Athletes may divide work up as they choose

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