Event #1:
Couplet: Ring Dips + Squat Cleans
Complete as many reps as possible in 5 minutes:
Ring Dips

Men – 45 reps
Women – 30 reps
Masters Men – 30 reps
Masters Women – 30 Pushups

Squat Cleans

Men – 135lbs
Women – 115lbs
Masters Men – 95lbs
Masters Women – 75lbs

Athlete must complete all Ring Dips/Pushups before moving onto Squat Cleans. Score = Total Ring Dips and Squat Cleans completed

Event #2:
100m Sprint with a turnaround at 50m.  At the turnaround point, pick up a lacrosse ball and carry back to the finish line.

Score = Time to completion

Event #3:
After resting EXACTLY 1 minute from Event #1, take 4 minutes to establish a Max Height Box Jump.

Athlete will have a 3-in-1 plyo box with 20″, 24″, and 30″ sides as well as 5 45lb plates, 1 35lb plate, 1 25lb plate, 1 15lb plate, and 1 10lb plate to stack as they wish.  

Tie Breaker: With 30 seconds remaining in the 4 minute interval, complete as many Air Squats as possible.  Athletes may also choose to continue jumping.

Score = Maximum height cleared (in inches) plus number of air squats completed within the final 30 seconds

Event #4:
In 10 minutes, complete as many reps as possible in the following sequence:

1 Shoulder to Overhead
1 Toes to Bar
2 Shoulder to Overhead
2 Toes to Bar
3 Shoulder to Overhead
3 Toes to Bar

Shoulder to Overhead Loads:
Men – 165lbs
Women – 115lbs
Masters Men – 135lbs
Masters Women – 75lbs

No rack is used. Athlete can move the bar from the shoulders to a full locked out overhead position any way they choose (press, push press, power jerk, split jerk). Knees and hips must be fully extended and bar directly overhead at lockout for each rep to count.

Score is total number of reps completed.

Final Event:
For Time:
200 Double Unders
100 Double KB Squats
50 Double KB Snatch
25 KB Thrusters

Men – 52lbs
Women – 35lbs
Masters Men – 44lbs
Masters Women – 30lbs

Score = Time (15 minute time cap, with 1 second penalty for each unfinished rep)

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